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We ship worldwide.

Track by Tracking Number

Enter tracking number to know current status and location of shipment.

Vaultane Courier services tracking results keep you informed as your shipment moves throughout our network, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Whether its being picked-up by a courier, departing a facility, is in Customs or on route to the final delivery, our sophisticated system keep you informed every step of the way. From the moment we take possession of the shipment, until the final delivery, you’ll be able to see Vaultane Courier working for you.

Note: Status and location of shipment are updated daily.

About Vaultane Courier Services

Vaultane Courier Services provides a reliable, efficient, trusted and affordable worldwide delivery service. Everyone has access to a First-Class delivery of their safet deposit box regardless of their location.
Vaultane Courier Services has established a core set of enduring goals that guide all of its strategic initiatives and continuous improvement efforts:

  • » Deliver High-Quality Servicess
  • » Provide Excellent Customer Experiences
  • » Ensure a Safe Workplace and an Engaged Workforce

Vaultane Courier Services puts information and technology at the center of its business strategies. It’s finding ways to harness analytics and insights and information to empower employees and customers. It’s also speeding the pace of innovation, and developing mobile and digital tools to play a larger role in the daily digital lives of customers. Vaultane Courier Services is already a technology-centric organization. It uses the world’s most advanced tracking and information systems to speed the flow of Safe Deposit Box throughout its network. Vaultane Courier Services is leveraging the information derived from that robust scanning and tracking to add value to the receivers of Safe deposit boxes — and to create new products and services to spur growth in the Courier industry.

Vaultane Courier Services continues to play an indispensable role as a provider of delivery of your safe deposit box — reliably, affordably and securely, and to every residential and business address worldwide.